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Brands. Automated.

MyAdbox is the world’s most advanced brand automation system powered by six innovative software products – MyAdbuilder, MyAssets, MyReports, MyPlanner, MyFunds and MyAwards.

MyAdbox is trusted by some of the biggest brands in business today. Across industries. Across continents.

MyAdbox is an integral part of our GoTo market strategy… I recommend them as a key partner.

Volkswagen Group Australia
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Intuitive Creation.

MyAdbuilder is the world’s most powerful content creation software. Simple to use on any device. Any platform. Any time.

The system has made it really easy to produce professional looking material. Thanks to our marketing team for getting this up and running.

Network User Elders Australia
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Total Digital Harmony.

MyAssets is the ultimate Digital Asset Management tool.
Use it as a stand-alone product to control all your digital assets or pair it with MyAdbuilder to automate your brand with dexterity and global visibility.

MyAssets highlights include:

  • Unlimited storage for all file types
  • User access functionality
  • Asset tagging
  • Approval processes

We trialled the MyAdbox platform for a recent retail campaign in South Africa and our dealers were so impressed that we are now rolling it out permanently.

Volkswagen South Africa
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The Power of Perspective.

MyReports brings clarity to your network’s brand communications by tracking every activity within the MyAdbox platform and representing that activity in easy to use reports that give you a clear picture of your business performance.

One of the best features is that we're able to customise any creative and are 100% reassured that the content will be Manufacturer approved.

Network user Toyota Australia
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Streamlining Strategies.

MyPlanner structures yearly marketing plans for entire marketing teams to share, increasing efficiency and streamlining communication strategies.

MyAdbox gives dealers greater flexibility with content, ensuring control within brand guidelines and resulting in a halo effect on our media investment.

Holden Australia
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Spending made simple.

MyFunds is the answer to managing co-operative marketing funds with transparency and efficiency. Remove the ambiguity. Understand the pool of money better. Keep the network happy.

We truly see the MyAdbox team as part of our team. We have had such great feedback that our colleagues in other markets are experiencing envy.

Volkswagen Canada
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Accurate Incentivising.

MyAwards provides structure and efficiency around awards programs for Head Offices and their networks. Handle the KPIs with ease. Keep everyone informed. Run your incentive programs accurately and smoothly.

We recommend MyAdbox to any business wanting to maximise network engagement in a cost efficient way.

Audi Australia
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Our team is your team.

The world’s best brand automation platform is backed by smart people. Software Developers. Account Managers. Support staff. Designers. Creatives.

The combination of world class products and people at MyAdbox is a unique ecosystem that yields powerful results for our clients. Services are tailored to match the platform requirements for each client – there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach.

At every stage, the team adds value to the equation and remains agile to proactively provide solutions to any challenge.

The MyAdbox team is extremely efficient and helpful, providing costs upfront and assisting when we need alterations to supplied artwork.

Network user Toyota Australia
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A Solution that fits everyone.

The MyAdbox system can automate any brand – from the smallest business to the largest of global entities, with equal effectiveness and efficiency.

Our clients come from a range of industries on almost every continent and vary significantly in size of operation. Naturally, their requirements vary and accordingly, we ensure that the MyAdbox system is infinitely scalable and the pricing model is customised accordingly to suit any budget.

Please contact us for more information on how we can make the system and the pricing model work for your business.


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